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Dog food dryer

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  • How are pet foods dried while maintaining flavor?Have you ever wondered how the food for your pets is produced? How are these pet foods dried in batches, from the combination of basic ingredients through the cooking process? You may simply dry pet food using an Airtek beef dehydrator equipment, whic


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  • Microwave pet food drying machine the development of pet food drying equipmentA new kind of drying technique is microwave drying, which has been shown through numerous studies and data to be the fastest drying technique. The microwave dryer has a huge variety of uses, but it is notably effective at


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  • A complete introduction to pet food dryersWhen compared to a regular dryer, the drying procedure for pet food differs significantly. The microwave technique of drying pet food employs a lower drying temperature. This prevents the destruction of some of the helpful microorganisms and the nutritional


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  • Microwave interacts with material molecules in a rapidly changing high-frequency electromagnetic field and is absorbed to produce a thermal effect, directly converting microwave energy into thermal energy in the medium. After the microwave is absorbed by the object, the object generates heat automat


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