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Microwave pet food drying machine

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Microwave pet food drying machine

The development of pet food drying equipment

A new kind of drying technique is microwave drying, which has been shown through numerous studies and data to be the fastest drying technique. The microwave dryer has a huge variety of uses, but it is notably effective at drying powdery, granular, and semi-liquid products including food, medicine, meat, and more. To ensure that the finished product retains its unique nutritional value and distinctive flavor after drying, the drying process also has the effect of sterilizing the product.

Since the medium molecules are immediately affected by the microwave energy to produce heat, microwave drying does not require a heat source. The material may be heated both inside and externally simultaneously without the use of heat conduction thanks to the penetration of the microwave. Its benefits include quick drying times, even drying, simplicity of access, and lack of pollutants.

Please email us your requirements so that we can create the best equipment for you based on your desired output, material qualities, size dimension, etc. Our dryers come in conventional types but may also be modified to meet customer needs.

Why choosing the microwave drying equipment?

Traditional pet food drying techniques range from the earliest drum drying to the more recent hot air circulation drying rooms and microwave drying. People's standards for pet food quality were lower in the early days of pet food drying. Many firms prefer drum drying because of its enormous processing capacity. However, the tumble drying procedure, which readily results in particle breakage, unequal size and color, etc., cannot guarantee the integrity of pet food.The demand for pet food can no longer be satisfied using this way.However, because pet food was largely granular and light in specific gravity, which was readily blown away by hot air, later hot air circulation drying rooms also progressively faded off the stage of history. Aside from that, the primary heat sources for hot air circulation drying and conventional drum drying are electric heating tubes, coal-fired boilers, oil burners, etc. These techniques use a lot of energy, incur a lot of expenses, and necessitate the supervision of specialized experts. Combustion-type heat sources are subject to numerous restrictions in some places with severe environmental protection laws.

We have introduced a tunnel-type microwave drying and sterilizing apparatus to address the drying requirements of the pet feed industry and to address a number of issues, including the high cost of pet food production firms. This apparatus not only has a short drying period and can effectively dry pet food when the material is stationary, but it also has a reliable guarantee of food quality. The main parts of this apparatus are built of corrosion-resistant materials, which may successfully address corrosion in the drying of food. Dehumidification is a crucial element in the drying process for pet food. Due to the fact that the meat fillings used in pet foods would result in acidification in the event of inadequate moisture removal, which will impact the drying process's quality. Therefore, our microwave dryer is specially equipped with a strong dehumidification function, and twice the dehumidification pipe is added to the top to ensure the quality of pet food.

The benefits of pet food dryer

High drying quality and rapid drying speed.

Use a PLC intelligent control system for responsiveness and control that is sensitive.

To enhance the quality of the finished product, drying and sterilization are done simultaneously.

The limited heating area of a microwave helps to reduce environmental heat, enhance work intensity and conditions, and keep things clean and pollution-free.

The direct action of the microwave on the material results in energy savings and minimal heat loss.

Applications for the microwave-based pet food dryer

In addition to drying meat products, our machine can also be used to dry fruits, vegetables, nuts, seafood, condiments, flowers, pharmaceuticals, the chemical sector, and other items.

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