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Paper tube drying machine

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The paper tube dryer heats the paperboard from the inside to the outside, resulting in a series of physical and chemical processes such as rapid heating and expansion. To achieve the purpose of heating, the central temperature is slightly higher than the surface temperature, which is conducive to the diffusion and volatilization of water from the inside to the outside. In the process of processing paper products and wood pulp products, technology is very important. It is necessary to balance the evaporation rate of water on the surface of the material with the internal diffusion rate according to the variety and moisture content of the material. Features: fast drying and sterilization, not affected by temperature, climate and other environmental factors, energy saving and environmental protection. The microwave power is provided with multi gear control, and users can obtain different microwave power. After drying and dehydration, the impact resistance of paper bags can be increased by 2 times compared with that of paper bags dried by traditional methods. Button control, flexible and convenient operation. The conveyor belt adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, which is stable and fast. Users can choose the suitable line speed according to different specifications of paper bags.

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