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Rubber drying machine

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Rubber dryer is a special vulcanization equipment. Rubber vulcanization is the most important process in the manufacture of rubber bonded abrasives, and also the last process that determines the performance of products. The purpose of vulcanization is to fix the shape of the parts and turn them into abrasives with certain physical and mechanical properties. Most rubber products are vulcanized by heat, that is, they need to be heated to vulcanize. Rubber Abrasives use natural rubber, styrene butadiene rubber and other common raw rubber, and use a large amount of sulfur as vulcanizing agent, so it is more necessary to use thermal vulcanization. Under the heating condition, the raw rubber in the binding agent and the vulcanizing agent react chemically, so that the rubber is crosslinked from linear macromolecules to network or body macromolecules, resulting in obvious improvement of the physical and mechanical properties and other properties of the product. This process is called vulcanization. The rubber directly absorbs microwave energy and heats both inside and outside. The time for the whole product to reach the vulcanization temperature is very short, and there is no temperature gradient between the surface and the inside, so the vulcanization is rapid and uniform.

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