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Some knowledge about wood dryers that you must know

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Some knowledge about wood dryers that you must know

Wood microwave dryer characteristics: why are they important?

The characteristics of wood microwave dryers determine the superiority of microwave to wood drying. Wood microwave dryers in the use process, compared with traditional drying equipment, mainly have the following characteristics: 

1.Microwave drying: due to the unique advantages of microwaves, the drying speed is very fast. If the microwave power is increased, the drying speed will be faster, but the corresponding reasonable process must be adopted; otherwise, although the drying speed is accelerated, due to the sharp rise in the internal temperature of wood, water steam, and pressure surge, the wood fiber will crack beyond the allowable degree. So when using a wood microwave dryer to dry the wood, the increase in its output power density is limited; it cannot increase at will. When the microwave power density is too large and the internal thermal stress of the wood exceeds the allowable limit of the wood fiber, there will also be the phenomenon of the wood's internal explosion, which is the principle of microwave drying wood still needs a certain action time.

2.Wood microwave dryer drying efficiency is high; the wood is heated by microwave and, with the gradual cooling process, the water in it is to be further evaporated. So appropriate heating, drying, and cooling can improve the drying effect.

3.Because microwave drying has the advantages of strong permeability and selectivity, in the drying process, the board between the surface, both ends, and the middle of the fiber contraction is basically more consistent, so the cracking and deformation are small. So the wood microwave dryer's drying quality is good.

How about the wood dryer?

In order to realize the forced drying of wood, the wood dryer must have three basic functions: heating, wetting, and ventilation. The heating function is self-evident; humidity (steam or atomized water) is used to ensure the high humidity environment for drying stages to prevent wood cracking and deformation; ventilation equipment must ensure that the hot and humid air is evenly distributed through all parts of the pile so that the drying wood moisture content is uniform. It can be seen from the table that the heat pump drying equipment, namely the heat pump dryer for drying wood, is the best. So you can contact the heat pump wood dryer manufacturers, such as Guangzhou Jiuheng.

How to choose wood drying equipment?

At present, the domestic demand for wood is getting bigger and bigger, and the wood drying equipment is also changing with each passing day. Choosing the appropriate wood drying equipment can save a lot of trouble. Air energy heat pump dryer can accurately control temperature and humidity, absorb heat energy in the air, save operation costs, intelligent automation control the entire process, reduce labor intensity, high wood drying efficiency, energy saving, and environmental protection.

Wood dryer equipment for wood dryer features

1. Fast drying speed: as the moisture content of wood is reduced from 35%–40% to 20%, the drying time is about 10–15 minutes, which is 20–30 times faster than steam and conventional drying processes.

2. Microwave drying wood quality is good: the traditional drying method will cause deformation, cracking, mildew, deterioration, and other phenomena that seriously affect the quality of wood, resulting in a large number of scraps. Using microwave drying, the utilization rate of wood can be increased by about 5%, so you can save a lot of wood.

3. Microwave drying wood to kill pests: microwave drying wood at the same time can be parasitic wood inside the harmful moth eggs and young. All the insects are killed together when the treatment temperature is 70–80 degrees for only 2-3 minutes, so it attracts the attention of users from all walks of life.

4, energy saving and high efficiency: microwave has a direct effect on the material, so there is no additional heat loss; the air in the furnace and the corresponding container will not heat, so the thermal efficiency is very high; the production environment is also significantly improved; compared with far infrared heating, which can save 30% electricity,

5: easy to control,advanced technology compared with the conventional way, equipment ready to use, no thermal inertia, flexible, and convenient operation Microwave power and transmission speed are adjustable; it is a safe and reliable new technology. 6. Save the footprint to improve working conditions. The equipment volume is small, and the thermal radiation is weak, so it will not form a high-temperature working environment.

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