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Structure of the microwave dryer

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Structure of the microwave dryer

Furnace chamber

It is a microwave resonator, which is the space needed to turn the microwave energy into heat energy to heat the material. In order to make the material in the furnace chamber evenly heated, the industrial microwave oven is made of tunnel-style construction, and the material runs continuously on the conveyor belt.

Fire door

The furnace door is set in the industrial microwave oven and is mainly designed to facilitate the hygiene of cleaning in the furnace cavity. In order to prevent the leakage of microwaves, the switching system of an industrial microwave oven consists of multiple safety-interlocking microswitching devices. The furnace door is not concerned about good; it cannot make an industrial microwave oven work; the microwave oven does not work; and it cannot talk about the problem of microwave leakage. In order to prevent the microwave from leaking from the gap between the furnace door and the cavity after the industrial microwave oven door closes, there is a flow resistance groove structure around the microwave oven door or it is equipped with materials that can absorb the microwave, such as the door seal made of silicone rubber, which can absorb a small amount of microwave that may leak. The antiflow groove is a special groove structure set inside the door that has the role of guiding the microwave reversal phase. At the entrance of the flow cell, the microwave is offset by its reverse reflected wave so that it does not leak.

The flow groove structure is a stable and reliable method obtained from microwave radiation to prevent microwave leakage. Now a small part of the companies use the world's most advanced flow tank structure and production process, coupled with the newly developed multiple microwave leakage technology, so that microwave leakage control technology has reached an international advanced level.

Electrical circuit

Has the advantages of easy control, safety, and stability; simple repair and maintenance; can control the power to meet the needs of different materials; but also saves energy and provides green environmental protection.


The magnetron is the heart of a microwave oven, and the microwave energy is generated and emitted. The magnetron operation requires a very high pulsating DC anode voltage and a cathode voltage of about 3 to 4 V. The control work of the industrial microwave power supply provides the magnetron with the working voltage to meet the above requirements.


A microwave oven has two kinds of timing methods commonly used, namely mechanical type timing and computer type timing. The basic function is to select a set working time. After the set time, the timer will automatically cut off the main circuit of the microwave oven.

Power divider

The power distributor is used to adjust the average working time of the magnetron (that is, the proportion of "working" and "stopping" time when the magnetron works intermittently) so as to adjust the average output power of the microwave oven.

Interlock microswitch

The interlock microswitch is a group of important safety devices in industrial microwave ovens. It has multiple interlocking functions, which are controlled through the door button or the door button on the door handle. When the furnace door is not closed or the furnace door is open, disconnect the circuit and cause the microwave oven to stop working.

Thermal circuit breaker

Thermal circuit breakers are components used to monitor the operating temperature of a magnetron or furnace chamber. When the operating temperature exceeds a certain limit, the thermal circuit breaker will immediately cut off the power supply and cause the microwave oven to stop working.

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