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The things you don't know about heat pump dryers

Views: 203     Author: Wendy     Publish Time: 2023-05-17      Origin: Site


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The things you don't know about heat pump dryers

Heat Pump Dryer: Effective Dust Removal Methods

The heat pump dryer has some dust and dirt when it is in use or not in operation, so is there any convenient and effective way to remove it?

Now let me tell you about the most effective way to remove dust:

Dust removal technologies mainly include cyclone dust removal, bag dust removal, electric dust removal, and wet dust removal technologies. Everyone recognizes bag dust removal, which has a dust removal efficiency of up to 99% for dusty gases with particles of 0.1 microns. Heat pump dryer drying equipment exhaust gas dust removal There is no need to consider the problem of excessive emission concentration when choosing a bag filter.

Increase the number of dryer cylinders. It is not only beneficial to explosion protection but also reduces the flue gas flow rate, increases the driving speed, and improves the dust collection efficiency.

Increase the size of the ash hopper because, because the particles of the drying dust are larger, the large particles of dust will settle down in the ash hopper.

It is necessary to take measures for this aspect when designing equipment for production. Generally, there are many ways to deal with production tail gas, but they are often used, and the effect is very good.

During the use of the heat pump dryer, due to the different shapes and properties of the dried materials, the requirements for the dried products are also different. The appropriate drying method and equipment should be selected according to the properties of the medicinal material and product requirements.

Is it necessary to install a drain on heat pump dryers?

An air heat pump dryer is a device that uses the heat of the air in the outside world to dry our materials. When this dryer equipment is drying, it does not burn materials to provide heat, but compresses the heat in the air through the compressor and then transfers it to our condenser to release it to our drying room for drying the materials. Then someone asked, "When our dryer equipment is drying, does the evaporated water vapor need to be drained? Today we will come to understand whether the dryer equipment needs to be installed with a drain.

Does the heat pump dryer need to have a drain installed?

We can divide this into two cases.

If it is not C wet dryer equipment, the moisture after heat drying can be discharged with our dehumidification fan, so we don't need to install our drain.

If it is C wet dryer equipment, then we can install a drain port so that the moisture in the material inside the barn can reach our water tray with our evaporated water, and the water tray will be Water will flow out along the pipe.

Another situation is that when our heat pump dryer equipment is drying, for example, roses, if you want to extract J Huaye, you can also install our discharge hole to carry out For the extraction liquid of our dryer equipment, the evaporated J Hua liquid can flow out with the tube.

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