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What are the advantages of Shanghai Lantai soybean dryer?

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What are the advantages of Shanghai Lantai soybean dryer?

In some provinces with high production, the annual output of soybeans can reach tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of tons. It is not feasible to dry such a large amount of soybeans using traditional sun-drying methods. Therefore, it is necessary to use machines to speed up the drying process in order to quickly dry such a large amount of soybeans and store them as soon as possible. There are many types and forms of soybean dryers on the market. Which one can meet the needs for large-scale drying? Let's take a look at the performance of Shanghai Lantai soybean dryer.

The soybean dryer from Shanghai Lantai has a fast drying speed.

Most of the soybean dryers are designed for high humidity. Due to the high moisture content in soybeans, more heat needs to be absorbed during the drying process in order to achieve dehydration and drying. The higher the moisture content in soybeans, the longer it takes to dry them. The special lifting design used by Shanghai Lantai's soybean dryer can evenly heat and flow the beans inside the tower, resulting in a faster drying speed. Compared with traditional drying equipment, it has shorter drying cycles, better temperature control, lower power consumption, faster precipitation rate, and lower damage rate. It adopts low-temperature, constant-temperature, full-coverage drying method with clean heat source through heat exchange gas for full coverage without dead corners during drying process, ensuring the quality of soybeans. Regardless of how much water content there is in the beans, they can be dried down to standard moisture content in one go. With automatic online temperature measurement and humidity measuring device, it greatly improves automation level with low thermal inertia and rapid heating rate. It has strong absorption and high heating rate with further accelerated heating and cooling speed that saves energy effectively while having strong instantaneous response ability.

The advantage of this soybean dryer lies in its low drying cost.

The cost of drying is one of the key concerns for people. By using a reasonable gasification furnace as the heat source, it is possible to save on coal consumption. The average cost of drying one ton of soybeans is only a few dollars, which is a significant advantage compared to other grain drying equipment.

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