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What causes a grain dryer to stop working?

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What causes a grain dryer to stop working?

Experiencing a sudden shutdown of a grain dryer can be quite frustrating. As a professional manufacturer of drying equipment, we can explain the specific reasons and solutions for this issue.

One possible cause is an overload on the equipment, resulting in a temporary shutdown.

This is mainly caused by an excessive feeding rate of materials. To solve this problem, you need to cut off the power supply and clear out some of the materials in the tower to reduce the load on the equipment.

Another possibility is that the main power fuse has blown, causing a disruption in the circuit and preventing the grain dryer from operating.

This issue can be easily detected by cutting off the power supply and checking if there are any issues with the circuit. If there is a blown fuse, simply replace it.

Lastly, foreign objects that exceed the equipment's capacity may have been mixed in with the material being dried, causing a shutdown of the grain dryer.

Since grain dryers are designed to dry small and soft straw-like crops, if larger or harder foreign objects are mixed in accidentally, it will inevitably cause abnormal operation of the dryer and lead to its shutdown. In this case, simply turn off the power supply and check and remove any foreign objects present.

What causes a grain dryer to stop working

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