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What is the performance of a soybean dryer?

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What is the performance of a soybean dryer?

The soybean dryer is a specialized drying equipment for soybean farmers in the region. It has a small footprint and uses coal or biomass particles as a heat source, which can reduce drying costs. As we know, grain cultivation is quite laborious, and during the harvest season, farmers hope to sell their crops at a good price. Therefore, reducing other costs is necessary. However, cost reduction should not compromise the drying effect. Let's take a look at the performance of the soybean dryer.

The soybean dryer performs very well and can dry soybeans with a moisture content of 20% to below 12%. After drying, the soybeans still maintain their round appearance without cracking or bursting. This is due to the special design and temperature control of the soybean dryer. The internal special lifting plate developed by the manufacturer can ensure that each soybean fully contacts with hot air during drying. Although soybeans are not heat-sensitive materials, high temperatures can still cause them to crack and lose their nutritional value. Therefore, the temperature must be kept below 55°C to avoid cracking or fragmentation.

The performance of the soybean dryer also depends on proper operation by users. During installation, manufacturers teach users correct operating methods so that they can achieve optimal drying results after becoming proficient in operation.

Soybean Dryer

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