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What issues need attention when storing dried corn?

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What issues need attention when storing dried corn?

In some of the main production areas of corn, because the production of corn is too large, so are no longer using the natural drying method, but the use of dryers to dry corn quickly, the output can reach several hundred tons a day, drying out the effect is also very good, comparable to natural drying, but the drying of corn is not directly stored, so for the user need to pay attention to what, what way to take to solve it?

Dried corn can not be directly into storage, mainly because there is still some residual temperature of the dried corn, directly into storage piled up together, will make the heat gathered can not be dissipated, the same will also cause corn spoilage. The correct practice is just after drying the corn after heat dissipation and then into the warehouse, here are two ways to achieve the effect of heat dissipation, one is to buy the manufacturer's configuration of the grain cooling system, after cooling the temperature of corn has been close to room temperature, can rest assured that the warehouse, the other is to prepare a large area of the site, after drying the corn first laid in the site, and then collected into the warehouse after its cooling.

The location of the drying corn storage warehouse also needs to be carefully selected, not just to be able to shelter from the rain can be, you need to choose a dry and ventilated site, and to do a good job of waterproofing and insect control measures to avoid damage to the corn in storage.

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