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Which is cost-effective drying corn with electricity and burning coal?

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Which is cost-effective drying corn with electricity and burning coal?

After harvesting, corn needs to be dried or dried to reduce the moisture to within 15% before it can be put into storage or sold. With the shrinking drying conditions nowadays, many people choose to dry it, not only to speed up the speed of storage, but also to reduce the risk brought by rainy days. But drying corn needs to have a heating source, many people do not know which is the right choice, especially in the electric heating and burning coal two heat sources are particularly tangled, the following we will give you the advantages and disadvantages of the two heating sources.

Drying corn with electric heating has many benefits, such as precise temperature control, the use of electric heating, the equipment can accurately set the temperature by controlling the current, to know the grain drying is required low temperature, with high temperature drying is easy to bake the grain paste, so set the temperature after the user simply do not care, you can quickly dry the grain to reach the requirements of the grain will be poured out. In addition, electric heating drying is also very clean, no smoke generation, no pollution of the environment, is also a big help to production. But drying corn using electric heating people have a concern is the cost, because the high power of the equipment itself, the energy consumption generated in the drying process is not small, many people worry about the impact on the final sales profit. But in fact, drying corn using low-temperature slow drying process, the hourly consumption of electricity is very little, the entire drying process is not much power consumption, the average drying cost per pound is only a few cents, so the cost of drying corn with electric heating is not high.

Drying corn cost is not very high if you burn coal. Because of the heat of coal, drying a ton of corn consumption of coal is very little, relatively speaking, drying corn burning coal costs much less than electricity, many users in the drying industry will choose coal as a heating source. But with the strict requirements of environmental protection, many places have not allowed the burning of coal, and the smoke produced by burning coal will also have a great impact on the environment, so burning coal has been gradually abandoned by people.

From the economic aspect, drying corn burning coal is more cost-effective than using electricity, but from the environmental protection level and the simplicity of operation, using electricity is better than burning coal, so when choosing a corn dryer, users should consider both environmental protection and economic aspects according to their actual situation, and choose a corn dryer equipment that suits their needs.

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