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Which situation is suitable for using rice dryer

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Which situation is suitable for using rice dryer

A rice dryer is a device that can quickly dry rice, replacing the natural drying method that has been used for thousands of years. This is a significant advancement in agriculture. Using mechanical drying can not only improve the quality of rice and speed up the harvesting process but also reduce losses for farmers. Its advantages are numerous, but when is it appropriate to use a rice dryer? Let's have a look.

There are several situations in which a rice dryer is suitable.

Firstly, when continuous rain occurs during the rice harvesting season, a rice dryer is needed.

After rice is mature, it needs to be harvested. However, if the rice is soaked by rainwater, it should be harvested promptly and placed in a drying room for air-drying. Due to the high humidity in the air and the wetness of the rice itself, the rice will quickly sprout. Once it has sprouted, it cannot be consumed anymore. To prevent this from happening, a rice dryer can be used to dry rain-soaked rice to a moisture content of less than 15% before storage. This can save losses for rice farmers.

In addition, if rice is soaked by rain during the drying process, it also requires the use of a rice dryer.

If not promptly addressed, this situation can lead to the same spoilage as mentioned earlier.

Additionally, when rice is harvested before it is fully matured in order to beat the rainy season, a rice dryer is also necessary.

This can improve the conditions for the safe storage of rice and prevent spoilage.

Considering all of these factors, it is clear that a rice dryer is highly suitable for use during the rainy season. It can solve the problem of people being unable to air-dry their rice and ensure its quality. Of course, a rice dryer can also be used during non-rainy seasons to significantly speed up people's ability to store their rice and prevent damage caused by weather conditions.

Which situation is suitable for using rice dryer

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