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Which type of equipment is more effective for drying rice?

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Which type of equipment is more effective for drying rice?

The moisture content of rice has always been a factor affecting its storage quality. Therefore, after rice harvesting, people either use sun-drying methods or use drying machines to reduce the moisture content of the rice from a higher level to around 14%. Only in this way can rice be stored without problems. With so many drying devices on the market, which one is more effective for drying rice?

Before understanding which type of equipment is more effective for drying rice, we need to understand what kind of effect can be considered better at first. The standard for good rice drying effect is that firstly, the moisture content must meet the standard, usually below 15%.

Secondly, the broken rate after drying should be low. That is to say, there should be very few broken grains after drying. During the drying process, as the water in the rice evaporates due to heat, the internal moisture decreases and it becomes hard and brittle. This can cause breakage during rolling. Usually poor processing technology or unreasonable design of lifting plates can lead to a high broken rate, affecting the quality and sales price of rice. Lastly, low drying cost is important as rice is a staple food product with stable prices throughout the year and low profit margins. Therefore, lower costs during drying are more beneficial for farmers.

Based on the aforementioned standards for rice drying effectiveness, we have screened multiple mechanical devices available in the market and discovered that a rotary drum rice dryer meets these requirements. During the production process, it not only exhibits high efficiency in utilizing thermal energy but also produces uniformly dried rice with low broken grain ratio, which can essentially fulfill customers' demands.

Which type of equipment is more effective for drying rice

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