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3 ways to effectively maintain grain dryers

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3 ways to effectively maintain grain dryers

There are numerous factors to take into account during the cereal harvesting period, but it's especially important to have the correct tools and remember some helpful advice so that you may best preserve your cereals in the upcoming months.

The grain dryer has to be maintained before, during, and after each usage. This maintenance is highly important. The maintenance phase is crucial because it guarantees that the drying system will function well over subsequent seasons.

Maintenance is done prior to, following, and during the drying season. The most crucial maintenance task, though, is the one that needs to be done after the season when it's time to store the drying plant for the next year. It must be made very clear that any maintenance procedure must be performed with the machine halted, turned off, and with the power cord unplugged. Do not handle moving parts!

How should grain dryer maintenance be handled, though, other from that? In this piece, professionals explain everything to you!

1.Lubrication and cleaning: fundamental elements of dryer performance

Cleaning the system is the primary and most important component of grain dryer maintenance. In fact, the accumulation of grains left over after the drying process is finished might harm the system permanently.

In the first place, it's crucial to maintain the machine clean every day and prevent debris from building up within the dryer. In reality, if the dirt is left in the dryer, there is a possibility that it may disrupt the mechanisms' fluidity and raise the drying energy needed. Additionally, because the cereal is an organic product, it may change over time and produce oxides that subsequently attack the metal surfaces.

It is strongly advised against washing the dryer with water as this might cause harm to the electrical and electronic components placed on the dryer.

Keep in mind to clean:

diesel fuel filters

the superior net

the flame-producing area

The plenum chamber's interior

The burner and the electrical panel

The lubrication of the mechanical parts is the second crucial component. In fact, it's crucial to ensure that the dryer's bearings are properly greased throughout the maintenance period while avoiding over-oiling. In reality, excessive lubrication might harm the seals, leading to early system failures. Remember that the length of time the dryer is in use affects how often the bearings are lubricated.

Because of its sturdy mechanical design, grain dryers may function well even under challenging circumstances. These qualities may be preserved over an extended period of time with proper maintenance of the transmission parts, which also helps to keep the machine's worth high in the event that it needs to be sold to pay for a larger one.

It is recommended to regularly maintain the bearings oiled and tune all of the belts and chain transmissions when it comes to bearing and belt or chain maintenance.

Clean the oil nipples well with a clean cloth before putting lubricating grease into them. This stops dirt, dust, or other foreign objects from contaminating the grease and decreasing, if not completely eliminating, its lubricating function or harming the associated bearing.

When lubricating your machines, use quality oils and greases. In particular, the gearbox oil must be suitable for withstanding high temperatures. It is also a good idea to completely replace the oil every two years. Before any replacement, carefully clean the points to be lubricated with a rag, so that impurities do not enter the gear box.

2.Ensure the electrical panel is in good working order

It is crucial to ensure that the drying system is operating flawlessly and that all components are in working order before the start of a new harvesting season, especially after a prolonged period of inactivity. Verify that the cable lugs are well fastened at the connections, and go over the cables to make sure no rats have damaged or eaten them. In this regard, we advise safeguarding all electrical parts before putting the car away after the season because mice love copper and, if present, can use electric cables as a place to hide and sharpen their teeth while the system is not in use, potentially leading to serious problems when the system starts up later on.

In the post-drying maintenance phase it is useful to proceed with a check on the operation of the entire electrical panel. It is essential to check that all electrical cables are tight and undamaged. Rely on specialized electricians to check the electrical system.

3.Make sure the combustion chamber and burner are running smoothly

The presence of residues in the machinery's combustion chamber can be reduced with proper drying system maintenance. Soot buildups inside the combustion chamber may result from an improperly adjusted burner.

Since reliable, safe, and effective operation of gas or diesel burners depends on regular maintenance, the heating system should also be kept under regular monitoring.

The combustion will perform better the better the upkeep is. In addition to being dangerous, improper generator maintenance also results in increased expenses and ineffective drying. Lack of maintenance in direct fire dryers can also result in grain contamination.

To ensure that combustion is clean and efficient in terms of fuel usage, remember to frequently examine the combustion chamber, clear it of any combustion products or dust deposits, and perform a proper calibration of the burner.

Check that the flame emanating from the burner is consistent just before turning on the dryer. Otherwise, the process of drying cereal might not be successful.

It should be made clear that with gas or diesel burners, we advise consulting specialists for support and equipment maintenance.


Regular maintenance of grain dryers will guarantee good drying performance for a much longer lengths of time. For this reason, we've covered the three things to remember when maintaining a grain drier in this brief article.

First and foremost, it is crucial to clean and lubricate the system, as well as the grains that are placed inside of it. It is also crucial to check that the electrical panel is completely functional and free of insects or rodents. To ensure that the system can dry the grain uniformly, it is also helpful to run a burner check.

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