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Characteristics of food vacuum freeze dryer

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Characteristics of food vacuum freeze dryer

The food freeze-drier is used in food and industrial production. Temperature stability is required, freeze-drying effect is relatively good, pre freeze-drying is conducted in situ, reducing tedious operations in the drying process, and freeze-drying automation. Food freeze-drying machines are mainly used in industrial processing, such as dehydration, soup, vegetables, convenience foods, coffee, instant, meat, pet food, and so on.

Characteristics of food vacuum freeze dryer:

● High product quality, freeze-dried at - 40℃, with unchanged color, aroma, taste, and shape

● Pre freezing and drying are completed in situ, with automatic freeze drying process and easy operation

● Temperature uniformity and controllable circulating medium within the plate layer, temperature difference<1 ℃

● PLC automatic control system, touch screen operation, real-time monitoring of equipment operation

● Remote control, which can be connected to a computer to store freeze drying curves

● Integrated design, convenient for transportation and installation, saving space