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How to make tea de-enzyme by microwave equipment?

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How to make tea de-enzyme by microwave equipment?

The tea de-enzyme machine is a high-efficiency continuous tea de-enzyme machine that mainly stirs and has the function of steaming and de-enzyme. It is a monolithic structure with wheels that can be moved. The main structure is a long cylindrical metal roller, which is equipped with three sections of spiral guide vane plates with different angles, which can play the role of going in & out and turning the vanes. The roller is also equipped with an adjustment mechanism to control the time of leaf discharge by adjusting the tilt angle.

According to different fuels, micro roller tea de-enzyme machines can be divided into two types: diesel coal type and electric heating type. The diesel coal type micro roller tea de-enzyme machine is equipped with a cast iron furnace grate heating device at the bottom of the roller, and is equipped with a small blower to support combustion. The method of designing a fire slope for processing famous and high-quality green tea is used to make the temperature first high and then low for tea de-enzyme.

The usage method of the micro roller tea de-enzyme machine: Firstly, debug the machine before de-enzyme, and only after everything is normal the machine can be started up and operated. Secondly, according to the different processes in different regions, adjust the tilt angle and input a small amount of fresh leaves to determine the de-enzyme time. Generally, the de-enzyme time of famous and high-quality green tea should be controlled within 1-2 minutes. Thirdly, after the de-enzyme time is determined, use coal as the main fuel to heat up, and the flames gradually burn up to achieve a relatively uniform temperature around the shell and cylinder of the tea de-enzyme machine. After a few minutes, use a thermometer to measure the temperature inside the cylinder. Experiments have shown that when the leaf temperature reaches 85℃, the enzyme completely loses its activity. Therefore, it is generally advisable to control the temperature in the cylinder at about 110~120℃.

A new and efficient deep processing equipment for green tea de-enzyme. The microwave equipment can be used for both de-enzyme and drying! The tea drying and de-enzyme equipment uses the moisture content of the material itself to form a steam environment, in addition to the vibration effect of high-frequency microwave, makes a good de-enzyme effect and bright material colors. At the same time, some moisture is lost in the de-enzyme process, which saves some drying costs.

It is necessary to use microwave to tea de-enzyme. After the de-enzyme is completed, the tea leaves become the finished products by a hot air drying device. The dried flowers have a uniform dryness, a green color, and completely do not damage or change the nutritional composition of the material. At the same time, they have a sterilization function. The bacterial content of the tea leaves dried by microwave can fully meet the hygienic standards required by the QS food certification.

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