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Something about microwave vacuum drying of pet food

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When microwave is used to dry pet food, the drying temperature should not be too high, and a low temperature and slow drying method should be used for drying. During the drying process, it also has a bactericidal effect on pet food. If pet food is dried in a sterile workshop. Dried pet food can be directly packaged without the need for sterilization.

Although pet food is an agricultural by-product, it has high requirements for microwave equipment because the following indicators need to be met during the drying process:

1. Degree of swelling. If the expansion degree fails to meet the requirements, the dried products can not even meet the basic requirements. To achieve the ideal expansion degree, the microwave cavity needs to have a high power density, which increases the design difficulty and increases the parameter requirements for the components.

2. Color. Good microwave drying equipment produces colors that are close to the food itself, which requires designers to have an understanding of the industry and rich design experience, and be able to organically integrate processing techniques into the design.

3. Dryness. The significance of dryness as an indicator does not need to be mentioned further.

To achieve the above indicators, it is necessary for the manufacturer to have a high design and production capacity, a thorough understanding of the drying process and rich equipment production experience, all of which are indispensable.

Our company has accumulated rich experience in the production process of drying equipment, and through meticulous after-sales service, we have accumulated many issues related to attention during the drying process.

Our device is a microwave device designed based on the drying characteristics of pet food insects, with reasonable design and complete functions. Practice has proven that this equipment has the advantages of good expansion effect, fast drying speed, simple equipment operation and high automation level. In addition, the sterilization effect of this device is exceptionally excellent (verified by food related departments), so it can meet the requirements for deep processing of pet food.

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