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Three characteristics of microwave drying

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1. Fast drying speed. Conventional methods such as steam drying, electrothermal drying and hot air drying require more than ten hours to reduce the water content from 10% to less than 1%, while microwave drying only takes more than ten minutes; The conventional method requires six to seven hours to remove from 5% water content to less than 1%, and microwave drying only takes a few minutes; From 30% to 20% water content to less than 1%, conventional methods require over 20 hours, and microwave drying only takes about 20 minutes.

Conventional thermal drying often has heat losses in the environment and equipment, resulting in high indoor ambient temperatures. However, microwave directly acts on the material, so there is no additional heat consumption. Microwave drying processing does not have the above phenomenon. The equipment can be used immediately, without the thermal inertia of conventional thermal drying, and is flexible and convenient to operate. The microwave power is adjustable, and the transmission speed is continuously adjustable from zero, facilitating operation.

2. Maintain the primary color of the material. Due to the fact that microwave drying does not require heat conduction and the material itself generates heat, the drying speed is fast, and the temperature of the contacted material is significantly lower than that of conventional methods, which does not cause material fission.

3. Assembly line operation, good operating environment. Compared to conventional methods, microwave equipment does not require boilers, complex piping systems, coal yards, and transportation vehicles, as long as the basic conditions for water and electricity are available. In comparison, it can generally save 30% - 50% of electricity. Improve working conditions and save floor space. The working environment of the equipment is low requirement with low noise, greatly improving working conditions. The operation of the entire microwave equipment only requires 2-3 people. Microwave drying equipment can be connected to equipment such as loading machines, discharge conveyors, vibrating screens and packaging machines to form a streamlined production line, which greatly improves labor productivity. There is no dust flying in the workshop, and it meets national GMP production standards.

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