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What are the advantages of a microwave food dryer?

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What are the advantages of a microwave food dryer?

1. Increased product quality greatly

Compared with the products processed by conventional methods, the instant noodles processed by microwave are plump in shape, high in gluten value, good in rehydration, excellent in color and taste, smooth and elastic. They not only maintain the traditional flavor of the noodles, but also keep the noodles continuously during rehydration, which is resistant to boiling, does not muddy the soup, and does not damage the original nutrients.

2. Uniform heating and high efficiency

Conventional methods (such as hot air, steam, etc.) transfer heat from the surface of a material to the interior through convection, conduction or radiation, resulting in slow speed and uneven heating inside and outside the material. Microwave heating directly heats the surface and interior of the material under the action of microwave electromagnetic fields by polar molecules in the material. Therefore, the heating is uniform and fast, and has high thermal efficiency. Compared to conventional heating methods, the efficiency is increased by 2-4 times, and the surface and interior pasting degree of noodles is further improved.

3. Easy to control and match with traditional instant noodle processing technology

Due to the stepless adjustment of the power and transmission speed of the microwave equipment, there is no thermal inertia problem caused by conventional heating during lifting and stopping. The reaction speed is fast, which can achieve real-time control and adapt to different process requirements, greatly reducing defective or scrap products. The operation and front and rear interfaces of the microwave equipment are synchronized with traditional instant noodle processing equipment.

4. Significant economic benefits

Practice has shown that the adoption of oil free (non fried) instant noodles technology overcomes the shortcomings of hot air drying products, such as low gelatinization, low gluten value, dark color, dry shrinkage of dough, poor rehydration and muddy soup. It not only improves the taste, increases the added value and competitiveness of the product, but also produces significant economic and social benefits without palm oil.

5. Microwave sterilization, extended shelf life.

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