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What are the characteristics of microwave puffing?

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What are the characteristics of microwave puffing?

Microwave expanding is a new expending technology that utilizes the characteristics of microwave heating (internal heating) to absorb heat and vaporize water in materials, thereby gelatinizing starch, denaturing protein and turning water into steam in materials, thereby expanding the tissue of food materials.

Compared to extrusion and fried expanding, microwave expanding technology has fast heating speed and short heating time, which is not easy to cause some unnecessary chemical reactions in the food, does not increase the oil content of the food, better retains the original flavor of the product, and makes the expanded food porous inside. Therefore, microwave expanding has a very broad application prospect in the food industry. The processing application of microwave expanded food mainly includes three aspects: starch food expanding (such as corn, rice and millet), protein food expanding (such as soy, meat, etc.), and fruit and vegetable material expanding.

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