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Basic knowledge of seafood drying

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Basic knowledge of seafood drying

Seafood Dryer Description:

In order to preserve fish, shellfish, and other seafood, a compact mechanical seafood dryer machine called a seafood drying oven is utilized to dry them out. The most popular heating method is electric heating; however, this Seafood Dryer machine may also be heated with steam, hot water, or far infrared rays. 50°C to 350°C is the temperature range of the hot air generated by electric energy. When the fan blows hot air into the drying oven, most of it circulates uniformly throughout the oven, greatly increasing heat efficiency. To precisely match your needs, we are able to develop and produce sizable industrial fish drying equipment.

The way that a seafood dryer works

The Seafood Dryer Machine uses circulating ventilation to move hot air. The heater receives the air supply, which causes it to produce hot air. This hot air is then blasted into the dryer's inner chamber via the air duct. After drying the fish, the hot air is drawn back into the air duct, where it can be used as a source of hot air once more.

The circulating airflow ensures that the drying chamber maintains a steady temperature. When the temperature drops as a result of the door opening, the air circulation system swiftly resumes normal operation until the temperature reaches the predetermined threshold. The drying process is effective and low-noise throughout.

Seafood Dryer Machine Features

The hot air circulation in the drying chamber provides optimal heat efficiency and power savings.

Drying uniformity is provided by the forced ventilation effect and an air duct installed inside the drying chamber.

This fish drying oven's automatic temperature control system makes it simple to operate. Both installation and maintenance are simple.

It has a variety of uses. In addition to drying shellfish, this dryer may be used to dry a variety of things, such as fruit, vegetables, meat, and more.


A recently built energy-efficient dryer recovers waste heat twice. Advantages include low operating noise, dependable working conditions, an automatic temperature control system, and simplicity in installation and maintenance.

Simple to set up and maintain an automatic temperature management system.

Depending on the needs, the drying oven can be made of carbon steel or stainless steel.

The sealed oven circulates the majority of the hot air, which achieves amazing heating efficiency and energy savings.

High levels of drying uniformity are achieved thanks to the forced ventilation feature and adjustable wind separation plates.

With its unique design, Seafood Dryers heating efficiency is increased by 3–7% as compared to the present 35–45% range, with the highest thermal efficiency reaching 50%.

It never crazes, distorts, discolors, never degenerates, never oxidizes, totally dries, rehydrates effectively, and preserves its nutrient content.

An embedded controller or a computer control system are your options.

It dries uniformly thanks to a forced circulation feature and sliding plates.

Depending on your needs, the temperature can range from 20 to 200 degrees Celsius. Weather-independent stability of operation

As a heating source, you are free to select coal, wood, electricity, or gas.

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