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Which equipment can dry peanuts?

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Which equipment can dry peanuts?

When it comes to the autumn harvest season, many crops are beginning to harvest, such as corn, peanuts, soybeans, etc., but autumn is also prone to rain season, when harvesting crops encounter rain, is a great headache for farmers, not only can not dry crops, and the wet weather will make these foods hot and moldy, so there is no good way to solve these problems it, which requires the use of our today Said the peanut dryer equipment.

Peanut dryer equipment is a small drum structure of the machine, it can dry a variety of grain, and the operation is very simple, people just put peanuts into the equipment, and then turn on the equipment, set the temperature can be, wait for a certain period of time after the peanut moisture to meet people's requirements, and then put it out can be.

There may be a lot of people worried about the equipment will be cooked peanuts, in fact, as long as you grasp the two key points, there will be no such problems, first of all, the temperature, drying peanuts is to avoid mold and moisture, then the temperature must be set lower, usually at about 90 degrees, take a low temperature slow baking way, so that the moisture in the peanuts slowly evaporate, and low temperature will not be cooked peanuts. Secondly, dehumidification, in the drying process of peanuts in the moisture will continue to evaporate out, when the moisture discharge is not timely in the case of peanuts will be steamed, so you need to be equipped with dehumidification fan, the evaporation of water vapor in a timely manner, it will always keep the drying equipment within the dry, continue to increase the degree of drying peanuts until the desired moisture is reached.

Is the energy consumption of peanut dryer high? Because of the low-temperature drying process, so the overall energy consumption is not very high, but also according to the type of heat source used, usually available heat sources are burning coal and firewood, burning biomass particles, burning natural gas, burning electricity, etc., of which the temperature can be set freely and easy to use is electric heating, with the advantages of automatically set the temperature, no tube after feeding, etc., electric heating peanut dryer is one of the more users of the type.

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