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Fruit dryer

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The fruit dryer is used for drying and sterilization of fruits. It has fast drying speed, good sterilization effect and good product quality. The dried products keep the original color, juice and taste. It is a low-temperature microwave drying equipment. Microwave drying equipment uses microwave to heat materials in a non-contact way, which overcomes the disadvantages of traditional technology and has more remarkable effects. The traditional process uses the method of heat conduction to heat the material, and the heat is transferred from the surface of the material to the inside. The working time is long, and the heating is uneven, which is easy to affect the quality of the product; The characteristics of microwave heating enable the materials to be uniformly heated in the surface at the same time. The heating speed is fast and the working efficiency is high. Moreover, the characteristics of materials will not be affected, and the original color and nutrients of products are maintained to a certain extent. Fruit drying is mainly made of stainless steel plates, some of which have heat insulation and corrosion resistance; Apply PLC system,; Equipped with infrared temperature measurement and cold and heat exchange equipment to monitor and control the temperature in real time.

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