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Fruit dryer

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  • Lemon Drying ProcessLemons are rich in citric acid, so they are known as the "citric acid warehouse". Its fruit juice is fleshy and crisp, with a rich aroma. Because the taste is particularly sour, it can only be used as a superior seasoning, used to make drinks and vegetables, cosmetics and medicin


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  • Introduction to Industrial Fruit Driers Industrial fruit drying machines are revolutionizing the way that fruits are dried and preserved. Drying fruit is an ancient technique used to preserve food and extend its shelf life. However, traditional drying methods such as sun drying or air drying can be


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  • Fruit that has undergone a technique to almost completely remove its moisture while maintaining flavor and nutrients is called freeze-dried fruit. It is a shelf-stable fruit. It has a dry, crunchy texture, a light, airy weight, and a powerful, concentrated fruit taste.Fruit that has been freeze-drie


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  • The fruit dryer is used for drying and sterilization of fruits. It has fast drying speed, good sterilization effect and good product quality. The dried products keep the original color, juice and taste. It is a low-temperature microwave drying equipment. Microwave drying equipment uses microwave to


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