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The application of microwave dryer

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The application of microwave dryer

Simple and straightforward to introduce the drying principle: microwave is a kind of electromagnetic wave, with penetration, refraction, and wave absorption. Microwave drying is to use the absorption of the drying material and the penetration of microwave, under the action of microwave, water molecules produce high frequency friction to produce heat, so that the water evaporation, make the material dry.

Advantages of microwave drying: high efficiency, fast speed, and can achieve absolute dry. It is widely used in the drying of chemical minerals, such as the drying of lithium iron phosphate of lithium battery, the drying of cathode material graphite powder, and other refractory materials, such as copper chloride, and is used in the drying of plastic raw materials and profiles, such as the drying of high-energy frame materials.

Application of microwave drying equipment:

1.Food and agricultural and sideline products dry

Microwave drying equipment is widely used in rice noodles, rice, shell peanuts, oatmeal, raw cereal, bean products, instant noodles, potato chips, dried fish, shrimp, salted duck, soybean, arhat, rose, osmanthus, pepper, pepper, bean bamboo and other drying and sterilization.

2.Drying of pet feed

Pet feed microwave drying sterilization equipment can be used for bulk fish bait, bird feed, fish feed, pig feed and other granular and powder material drying, can also be used for bags of fish bait, bird feed, fish feed, pig feed and other materials drying and sterilization treatment.

3.Drying in the pharmaceutical industry

The application of microwave drying equipment in pharmaceutical industry is mainly in the following aspects: drying and sterilization of powder, granular, sheet, bolus and other pharmaceutical products, and rapid drying, insecticidal and sterilization of Chinese herbal medicine.

4.Wood and bamboo products dry

Microwave wood drying equipment can be 1-6 cm thick board evenly, thorough drying, drying only ten minutes, and not cracking and small deformation, while killing the eggs and larvae inside the wood; but also for plywood or plywood glue curing treatment and bamboo wood handicraft drying, mildew, sterilization.

5.A variety of chemical pigments, dyes, paste materials after pre-molding drying

Lithium battery materials (lithium iron phosphate, etc.), refractory materials, black silicon carbide powder, silicon carbide, green silicon carbide powder, light calcium carbonate, nano scale superfine calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate, aluminum hydroxide, strontium carbonate, barium carbonate, barium sulfate, potassium sulfate, nickel sulfate, lithium hydroxide, nickel hydroxide, barium chloride, copper chloride, calcium chloride, lithium carbonate, zinc sulfate, silicon dioxide, lithium hydroxide, lithium carbonate, manganese ore, glass fiber, starch cobalt oxalate, cellulose (hydroxyeyl cellulose, cellulose), mannitol, nickel hydroxide, lithium cobalt oxide, graphite, silicon carbide, silicon dioxide, calcium chloride, activated carbon, zirconium chloride, zirconia , Zirconia hydroxide, zirconium carbonate, zirconium sulfate, ammonium zirconium carbonate, zirconium silicate, potassium zirconium carbonate, oily ink drying agent, water-based ink cross-linking water resistance, expandable graphite, nano iron oxide and other chemical substances drying.

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