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Microwave technology and poultry, aquatic products, and meat food processing

Views: 204     Author: Wendy     Publish Time: 2023-04-28      Origin: Site


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Microwave technology and poultry, aquatic products, and meat food processing

Using high-tech and new technology to transform traditional food processing technology will open up a new road for the food industry at home and abroad. The application of microwave technology to poultry, aquatic products, meat, and food processing will bring new business opportunities to businesses. 

Microwave is a kind of electromagnetic wave with a very high frequency; it has a strong penetration ability into the medium material, and in the penetration process of microwave energy into heat energy, so as to achieve the purpose of heating, Microwave heating is completely different from traditional heating methods. Its protruding point is instantaneous penetration through the heated material, heating inside and outside, heating quickly and evenly, and direct action on the material, except for a small amount of transmission loss and other losses. High efficiency; it has thermal and biological effects; low temperature sterilization; maintains material activity and nutrients; covers a small area; uses advanced technology; is easy to control the automatic production; is safe and harmless; there is no environmental pollution. Because microwave energy has many advantages, it has a broad application prospect in food, agricultural and sideline products, drugs, aquatic products, condiments, beverages, and other processing, the chemical industry, electronics, the light industry, and other industries. This paper mainly introduces the application of microwave technology in poultry, aquatic products, meat, and other food processing industries. 

A food company in Jiangxi province using a 915 MHz, 20 KW microwave drying and sterilization machine for production Board millet chickens consume 35 degrees of electricity per hour, each shift has a processing capacity of more than 300 kilograms, and using vacuum packaging, their products have a shelf life of more than one month. 

Nanjing salted duck is famous in the country; outsiders want to buy one to take back for their family to taste, but salted duck can only be stored for one or two days; it is not easy to carry, so the production of salted duck has been up. Nanjing plate duck factory, after a period of time of exploration and testing, summed up a complete set of processing technology: salted duck first according to the traditional process to 8,9 mature, then vacuum packed, and then put into a 2450 Hz, 2 KW microwave oven (put 2 at a time) for heating. After about 3 minutes of microwave sterilization, vacuum package salted duck under normal pressure for more than 10 days. In the past, a light salted duck was about 5 yuan per kilogram, and the daily output was 200. Now, the price of the vacuum-packed salted duck is about 7 yuan per kilogram. Without the electricity, hours, and bags, the cost is about 1 yuan, and the net profit of each duck is 2 yuan. According to the 800-only calculation, one can get 1600 yuan, the daily net profit is 8 times greater than before, and the economic benefit is quite considerable. At the same time, the outer packaging wrote the trademark of the product, the characteristics of the product, the factory name, and the factory address, not only to expand the popularity of the factory products but also to facilitate the majority of users access directly to the factory Department of Order. The Shayang salted duck in Shaxian County, Fujian Province, is also famous in the whole country, but it has never gone out of Sanming City.

In order to expand the output of products, Shaxian Duck Industry Corporation has 11 production lines, each with a daily output of 1000. With the present vacuum packaging and microwave sterilization, products in Fujian Province, Shanghai, and other places are in short supply. 

A food factory in Shanghai uses a 2450 MHz, 20 KW high and low field strong combination of microwave sterilization machines for the production of bagged meat breast, smoked fish, and spiced meat sterilization, processing 300 kg per hour, and its health indicators fully meet the relevant national standards. While retaining the original food's color, fragrance, and taste, the shelf life was increased by more than three months.

 A food factory in Nanjing, Shandong Linyi meat products factory, using a 915 MHz, 20 KW microwave beef jerky processor with a feed water content of 25–30%, can produce 250–300 kg per hour. 

Wenzhou Marine Fish Industry Company originally used infrared equipment twice: 20 KW baked fish fillets for 8 minutes; the daily output of 1.5 tons still did not solve the mildew phenomenon. Now that a 2450 MHz, 10 KW microwave drying sterilization machine is used, it only needs 17 KW, saving energy by more than 50%, and the mildew killing effect is significant. The device fits simultaneously. Raw film drying and baking, mildew prevention and sterilization, fast energy savings, easy use—the economic benefits are very significant.

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