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The drying process of lemons, dragon fruits and blueberries

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The drying process of lemons, dragon fruits and blueberries

Lemon Drying Process

Lemons are rich in citric acid, so they are known as the "citric acid warehouse". Its fruit juice is fleshy and crisp, with a rich aroma. Because the taste is particularly sour, it can only be used as a superior seasoning, used to make drinks and vegetables, cosmetics and medicine. In addition, lemons are rich in vitamin C, which can relieve phlegm and cough, and strengthen the stomach. Used for bronchitis, pertussis, loss of appetite, vitamin deficiency, heatstroke and polydipsia, it is the "scurvy" of the enemy.

Lemon processing process steps

Select high quality lemon fruit, carefully clean lemon fruit, salt water cleaning method, soda water cleaning method or ultrasonic cleaning method and so on. The main purpose is to clean and remove pesticide residue or wax.

Use hand or slicer to cut the fruit into slices of about 4mm, pay attention to the thickness should be even. Also remove the lemon seeds so as not to affect the drying and texture of the lemon slices. Place the lemon slices neatly on the ventilated tray, avoid stacking. First, use the natural wind and light to remove some moisture from the lemon slices.

Lemon drying technology

The lemon slices that have been air-dried for a day are transferred to the air drying room, and the temperature of the dryer is set at 45℃, 50℃ and 53℃. The water of the lemon slices is slowly evaporated and discharged in the process of low temperature drying, and the whole drying process is about 22 hours.

Dragon Fruit Drying Process

With the changes in the market, dragon fruit has developed from the traditional single form of fresh dragon fruit into processed products such as dragon fruit drinks and dried dragon fruit. The medicinal value of its flower buds is also very high. The market value of flowers is higher than that of fruits.

Dragon fruit dryer drying process reference: (If you want to know the dragon fruit flower drying process, you can consult customer service)

The drying process of dragon fruit can be divided into four stages:

The first stage: the temperature is set to 60°C, the humidity is set to 35%, the selected mode of the dragon fruit dryer is drying + dehumidification, and the baking time is 2 hours;

The second stage: the temperature is 65°C, the humidity is set to 25%, select the mode of drying + dehumidification, and bake for about 8 hours;

The third stage: adjust the temperature to 70°C, set the humidity to 15%, adjust to the drying + dehumidification mode, and the baking time is about 8 hours;

The fourth stage: set the temperature to 60°C and the humidity to 10%, and bake in the continuous dehumidification mode for about 1 hour. After the drying is completed, it can be packed into bags after it softens.

Blueberry Drying Process

Blueberry fruit is rich in nutrients, which has the functions of preventing brain nerve aging, protecting eyesight, strengthening the heart, anti-cancer, softening blood vessels, enhancing human body immunity, etc., and has high nutritional components. Therefore, it is very important to master the correct drying process of blueberries. He can ensure that the nutrients of blueberries are not destroyed, and can extend the shelf life of blueberries!

The drying process of blueberries takes up to 20 hours, and the skin must be treated, otherwise the water in the middle should not evaporate, and the high sugar content of blueberries is easy to lock the water. The drying process needs to be completed through 3-4 procedures, and the intermediate process needs to use The stand-by mode stops without moving out of the drying room, but the drying system no longer heats up, and just allows the air passage to circulate, allowing the blueberry moisture to permeate naturally in the drying room.

Taking a 3P air energy dryer to dry 500 catties of fresh blue poison as an example, the drying room is 3.5 meters long, 2.2 meters wide and 2.2 meters high. Blueberries are dried in three stages: in the first stage, set the drying temperature to 45°C, relative humidity to 12%, drying + strong dehumidification mode, and dry for 8 hours. In the second stage, set the drying temperature to 55°C, relative humidity to 12%, drying + dehumidification mode, and dry for 6 hours. In the second stage, set the drying temperature to 65°C, relative humidity to 12%, drying + dehumidification mode, and dry for 4 hours.

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