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The function characteristics and application of microwave drying equipment

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The function characteristics and application of microwave drying equipment

Having an environmentally friendly and healthy environment is what everyone wants, so what is the role of microwave drying equipment? Microwave drying equipment has energy savings, environmental protection, and high efficiency standards. With the continuous development of science and technology, people's lives are now very convenient, and the appliances of life are also becoming more and more convenient, such as food microwave sterilization equipment, which can be used for food processing, drug sterilization, and so on. Here we will introduce the characteristics of microwave drying equipment.

Here is a look at the characteristics of microwave drying equipment:

At present, low-carbon environmental protection is the key word of economic development, and the environmental protection requirements of the drying equipment industry are constantly improving. Microwave drying equipment serves as the main force in the drying equipment industry; energy savings, high efficiency, and environmental protection are the standards of customer choice.

Energy-saving energy of microwave drying equipment: equipment heating, the use of electromagnetic waves on the material's internal water molecules direct action, so that the whole from inside to outside is heated at the same time. When heating, the equipment does not need to be preheated, immediately used, or conduct heat through air as a medium.

The complete equipment of microwave drying equipment uses electricity as energy; there is no need to support other coal or gas equipment. This solves the problems of traditional drying equipment with coal direct combustion, low thermal efficiency, and serious pollution of the environment.

The efficient microwave drying equipment is designed for pipeline production, and the materials are automatically transported from the conveyor belt to the microwave drying box section through the feeding end and then transported to the discharging end. Thus completing the whole drying process.

Application of microwave drying and sterilization machines

Microwave drying and sterilization machines are mainly used in food drying and sterilization. Food in the process of deep processing, drying, and sterilization is inevitable; basically, food that is not dry must be sterilized.

There are several ways to dry during food processing, and the drying temperature is different. Some products that need low-temperature drying need microwave vacuum dryers, and some need hot air circulation ovens. A tunnel-type microwave dryer can also be used.

Food sterilization equipment is also used in many ways. The main use of microwave sterilization equipment is microwave drying, which can have a sterilization effect, but food sterilization is the main role because microwave sterilization only removes 5–10% of the moisture, so food drying with high moisture is mainly dry for the purpose.

So microwave drying sterilization machines are mainly used for drying microwave equipment but also play a role in food sterilization. A microwave drying machine can be suitable for most sterilization needs.

The above is the function of microwave drying equipment for you; you must have a deeper understanding of microwave drying equipment.

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