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Using a microwave dryer to dry insects

Views: 238     Author: Wendy     Publish Time: 2023-05-31      Origin: Site


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Using a microwave dryer to dry insects

The practical insects drying equipment for many big mealworm breeding plants is the high-efficiency mealworm insect drying microwave dryer machine (mealworm insect drying machine).

There are two different types of insect microwave dryers:

The two types of dryer machines are batch microwave dryers and continuous microwave dryers, and they are made to fulfill various client needs for dried mealworm insect production that range from small to big.

1. Commercial mealworm insects drying machine:

Batches of mealworm larva may be dried using this compact microwave drier. The machine has a box-shaped construction, and the drying chamber has a revolving baking tray. A unique industrial magnetron and a microwave magnetic leakage transformer, which can tolerate high temperatures and provide great dependability, are included in this mealworm drier machine. The temperature, timing, and pace of the drying process are all fixed and programmable for insects. This mealworm dryer is sturdy and composed of top-notch stainless steel. By drying 6 kg of mealworm larvae every 12 minutes, it operates very effectively.The commercial mealworm insects drying machine can mainly dry the larvae of Tenebrio Molitor to less than 6% and can retain the nutritional components of Tenebrio insects to the greatest extent, and ensure that the dried insects have a golden color after drying.

2. Continuous Microwave dryer machine:

Fresh larvae and dried worms are typically sold at the majority of large-scale mealworm farms, with the sale of worm skins coming in second. Numerous flower and bird markets, animal farms (chicken, scorpion, bullfrog, parrot, hamster, etc.), food processing facilities, restaurants, etc. may all purchase fresh Tenebrio insect larvae directly.Mealworm skin can be supplied to pharmaceutical firms for additional processing since it includes a high concentration of trace elements. Additionally, the majority of the farm's mealworm larvae may be dried before being packed for export or sale. The insects have a greater added value, a longer shelf life, and no nutrients are lost after being dried using microwave drying equipment.

Advantages of drying mealworms insects by the microwave dryer machine

Why should mealworms and insects be dried using a microwave dryer? In everyday life, there are several typical drying tools. Why is a microwave dryer the only option for drying yellow mealworms? This is due to the fact that standard drying equipment cannot efficiently keep the nutritious elements of mealworms, which might result in a nutritional shortfall in the dried insects and perhaps lead them to lose their natural color. The microwave dryer offers several benefits for drying. Tenebrio Molitor's inherent nutritious components won't be harmed, and the dried insects will be brightly colored after drying, increasing their competitiveness on the market.


The microwave drying apparatus is functionally complete and has a sensible design that was inspired by the mealworm insect's drying qualities. Numerous client practices have shown that our microwave dryer machine can ensure dried insects will have a golden hue, will dry quickly, will be easy to use, and will be highly automated. Additionally, the microwave dryer's sterilizing performance is remarkable (as confirmed by food-related departments), thus our mealworm microwave dryer machine can fully satisfy the needs for deep processing mealworms.

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