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microwave drying machine

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  • What distinguishes heat from a microwave?The moisture migration circumstances during the drying process are considerably improved by the microwave dryer machine, which is superior to conventional drying because of its uniform temperature gradient, heat transfer, and vapor pressure migration directio


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  • The practical insects drying equipment for many big mealworm breeding plants is the high-efficiency mealworm insect drying microwave dryer machine (mealworm insect drying machine). There are two different types of insect microwave dryers:The two types of dryer machines are batch microwave dryers an


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  • Microwave is a form of electromagnetic energy (300 Mhz–300 GHz), generated by magnetrons. For the industrial microwave, the common frequency used is 915 Mhz and 2450 Mhz. 915Mhz has a stronger penetration ability than 2450Mhz, and single microwave magnetron could be 75Kw under the 915Mhz.However, ma


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  • Application Fields and Development Prospects of Microwave Drying and Sterilization of Medicinal Materials In the process of making medicinal materials, in order to prevent mildew, decay, and other phenomena, drying and sterilization are essential links. Microwave equipment is widely used in the dryi


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  • Dry has a long history, as early as in ancient times, people began to use natural conditions to dry materials. With the development of The Times, they were gradually replaced by manual operation. Instead, microwave drying equipment has gradually developed. With the development of the situation, the


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