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What are the advantages of the aging time of microwave drying equipment?

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What are the advantages of the aging time of microwave drying equipment?

1.Swift motion and little time.

The material inside and outside of the entire is heated using the transmission effect of the microwave, which combines the thermal effect with the non-thermal effect. As a result, the material within and outside of the whole is heated uniformly and quickly, cutting down on the treatment time.

2.Sterilize at a low temperature to maintain the nutrients in the product.

For general mold, pathogenic bacteria such as Escherichia coli can achieve an effective bactericidal effect at 78 °C in about 3-5 minutes, and other dental spores such as Streptococcus need a higher temperature to achieve a bactericidal effect. At the same time, the unique microwave processing method can retain more effective ingredients and maintain the original color, fragrance, flavor, shape, and other flavors.

3.Energy saving, high microwave electromagnetic conversion rate Microwave does not need the heat conduction process.

The effective utilization rate is generally more than 70%, better than the hot wind, heat pipe, steam heat conduction oil, and electric heating efficiency. Microwave is a direct thermal energy conversion of the product; the microwave heater itself will not be heated, so there is no additional thermal power consumption, resulting in energy savings compared to more than 30% electricity savings.

4.Equipment operation is easy to understand.

Continuous automatic production Microwave equipment is easy to operate without thermal inertia and can be controlled in real time according to production process requirements and output. Only 1-2 operators are needed for the entire production line.While improving working conditions, the working environment and sanitary conditions must meet GMP standards.

5.Advanced technology,safety and environmental protection.

Sterilization without any residue Microwave sterilization equipment is not like the boiler, which needs a complex pipeline system or gas or water temperature for long-term heat transfer. Using water temperature or steam temperature heat transfer processes for sterilization, microwave equipment only needs the most basic requirement: electricity. As long as it can meet the power requirements of the equipment, you can operate the equipment at any time, with no special requirements for the plant. Less equipment investment, quick effects, and environmental protection

6.The equipment covers a small area to save production space.

The working environment can be improved by using equipment that does not create thermal radiation or high-temperature waste heat. Also conserving plant space is the equipment construction, which is small and compact.

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