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What distinguishes heat from a microwave?

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What distinguishes heat from a microwave?

The moisture migration circumstances during the drying process are considerably improved by the microwave dryer machine, which is superior to conventional drying because of its uniform temperature gradient, heat transfer, and vapor pressure migration direction.

Since society is currently experiencing a period of rapid development, efficiency is vital in every industry. In the food processing sector, efficiency equates to very large economic gains.

A sizable portion of the food processing sector is the drying of foods like flowers, fruits, vegetables, and other ingredients. Since the major food processing facilities discovered the advantages of industrial production, drying beef, poultry, and other commodities using microwave dryers has gained widespread acceptance. The conventional drying technique has rapidly fallen out of favor.

What is the main difference between microwaves and heat?

Heat and microwave drying are two common drying techniques that have a significant impact on the food processing sector. Additionally, there are substantial disparities between these two drying techniques in terms of output volume and caliber.

The conventional drying process makes use of heat or sunlight. Its primary mode of operation is heat conduction, heating from the outside to the inside. Flower drying typically takes three days to a week or longer, and it can be difficult to achieve 100% drying and temperature control. Herb quality, character, and uneven drying make it difficult to maintain quality and make it susceptible to discoloration, distortion, and slating. Coal or natural gas and heat energy are utilized, and the energy utilization rate is low, as a result of the heat conduction mechanism.

There is a lot of trash, severe pollution from coal, oil, and natural gas, bad working conditions for the personnel, inadequate health standards, excessive labor intensity, and considerable dust problems.

In order to dry honeysuckle, the Microwave Vacuum Dryer Machine primarily employs a microwave; the microwave acts directly on the water molecules inside the herb and heats up both the inside and outside at the same time. If the initial water content of the flower is very high, the pressure inside the flower rises very quickly. Under the influence of the pressure gradient, the water may be rejected from the flower.

The conditions for moisture migration during drying are greatly improved by the microwave dryer machine's drying process, which is superior to conventional drying because of its consistent temperature gradient, heat transfer, and vapor pressure migration direction. The Microwave Drying Machine has the ability to dry objects from the inside out due to the dynamics of pressure migration present at the same time. To put it another way, the inner layer of wood will be dried first for wood and other materials as a whole, eliminating the drawback of conventional drying, which dries meat items' outer layers first and results in the formation of a crusty crust that inhibits the internal moisture from further evaporating.Vacuum drying equipment has clear benefits over these two drying processes.

Specifications of Microwave Drying Machine

Additionally, we offer a bespoke microwave vacuum dryer machine service where we can modify different features for you in accordance with your needs. Our microwave dryer machine price is extremely competitive in the microwave industry. In order to fully satisfy your needs, we can offer you the most cutting-edge microwave drying technology. Additionally, we have gotten positive feedback for our superior service from clients both domestically and internationally.

Our business prioritizes its employees, places the needs of the customer first, organizes itself holistically and integrates the industrial chain's energy to best serve the needs of its consumers by offering the most appropriate modern microwave drying of food.

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