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What preparations are needed before using a rice dryer?

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What preparations are needed before using a rice dryer?

The mechanization of agriculture has become an inevitable trend, and many traditional methods are no longer suitable for use in rural areas, such as sun-drying rice. Nowadays, with the rapid development of rural construction, there are no longer large areas of open space available for sun-drying. Therefore, people purchase rice dryers to dry the rice before storing it in warehouses. However, before using a rice dryer, what preparations are needed? Let's take a look.

Before using a rice dryer, it is necessary to prepare a sufficient heat source.

This depends on the type of heat source chosen when purchasing the equipment. If coal is used as the heat source, it is necessary to purchase enough coal in advance to avoid interruption during drying due to insufficient coal supply. Restarting the equipment will cause the rice inside to be dried again and increase the broken grain rate. In addition, waiting for coal to be purchased incurs additional costs such as labor costs.

Secondly, it is necessary to prepare storage warehouses.

The conveying equipment should be connected to the warehouse and plan the conveying path. If one warehouse is not enough, multiple warehouses need to be prepared.

In addition, it is also necessary to prepare the conveying path for each warehouse.

This is to avoid discovering that there are not enough warehouses during drying which would require stopping or setting up additional conveyors on site causing delays and losses.

The voltage of the drying site also needs to be stable.

If the local voltage is usually unstable, it is necessary to prepare a transformer in advance so that the equipment motor can run smoothly and avoid poor rice drying effects caused by insufficient power.

There are many preparations required for drying rice using a dryer, and these will be specifically instructed by the manufacturer's technical personnel during installation. After successful equipment debugging, workers will also be trained until they have mastered the necessary skills. Proficient operation is a prerequisite for quickly and efficiently drying rice with high quality. Therefore, it is hoped that workers can pay careful attention during training and fully understand the name and function of each part of the equipment so that they can make timely judgments and solve problems when issues arise during use.

What preparations are needed before using a rice dryer

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