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What should we pay attention to when you use a microwave dryer to dry the medicinal materials?

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What should we pay attention to when you use a microwave dryer to dry the medicinal materials?

After the harvest of Chinese herbal medicine, in addition to using fresh medicinal herbs, it should be initially treated and dried, among which Chinese herbal medicine drying is a very important link.What should we pay attention to when you use a Chinese herbal medicine dryer to dry the medicinal materials?

1. Choose the drying process according to the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine.

There are many kinds of traditional Chinese medicine, but it is in appearance. shape and properties. big or small. thickness. Drug ingredients. Water content and so on. Therefore, according to its characteristics, choose the appropriate temperature. humidity. Time and other drying parameters, such as mint, wood incense, Buddha, hand, tangerine peel, etc. Flowers are very important in the drying process, so the temperature should not be too high, otherwise it will lose the fragrance and the color will be dim. Dry at moderate temperature conditions.

Viscous Chinese herbal medicine is rich in sticky sugar, which is easy to stick after slicing, such as jade bamboo, asparagus, yam and so on. In order to ensure that the juice does not leak out, it is suitable for high temperature drying. Especially the high starch content of yam, easy to break after dry. Cutting into blocks or processing should be dried in time, otherwise it is easy to deteriorate. Traditional Chinese medicine, such as Angelica, cassia bark, cassia bark, the volatile oil contained in these Chinese medicines is very sensitive to temperature. If the temperature is too high, the oil will overflow the water surface and it is easy to decompose and deteriorate. Therefore, it is suitable for medium and low temperature drying, to prevent oil leakage or black color, so as to better protect the active ingredients. American ginseng tablets. Astragalus mongholicus. Platycodon grandiflorum. the rhizome of oriental water plantain. honeysuckle. red flower. Chrysanthemum et al. After drying, the color appearance of this product has an important impact on the quality of the Chinese medicine, so the temperature is not allowed to dry too high. We should pay attention to slowly heating from low temperature, so that the dry indoor air can evenly absorb heat and release water.

2. Control the drying temperature.

Traditional Chinese medicine must effectively preserve the nutrients, and require a certain temperature in temperature. The drying temperature directly determines the preservation degree of each index component in the drying process of traditional Chinese medicine. Too high or too low temperature will have adverse effects on medicinal materials: too high temperature will make fatty Chinese medicine overheated and lose its oil, while overheated Chinese medicine will lose its fragrance. If the temperature is too low, it is easy to make the medicinal materials dry too slow or insufficient drying, resulting in mildew or moth. Therefore, choosing the appropriate drying temperature according to the characteristics of Chinese medicine can effectively improve the efficacy of Chinese medicine. Appearance and later preservation.45-65℃, suitable for herbal or containing Traditional Chinese medicine with volatile oil, juicy fruit 65-90℃, flowers. 20 – 45℃ leaves and 30 – 65℃ rhizomes. Generally, the drying temperature of bergamot is set between 55℃ and 65℃, and a batch of products can be dried every 12-15 hours, and the quality is hygienic.

3. Control the drying temperature and humidity.

As the hot air flows uniformly and stably from the surface of the TCM, a heat transfer driving force is formed between the higher temperature and lower hot air, and the heat energy is transmitted to the TCM to be dried by convection. After heating, the water of the Chinese medicine is evaporated and taken away, that is, the air energy heat pump is used to dry the initial water content of the Chinese medicine according to different initial water content. So the amount of dehumidification in the drying process is also needed. For example, when dry barbary wolfberry, the moisture content of fresh fruit is as high as 80%, but in the initial heat period, and the second stage temperature is 45℃, a lot of dehumidification is needed, and then properly adjusted to fully wet the moisture. Four periods of different temperature and humidity setting, about 25 hours The whole batch of barbary wolfberry, drying treatment capacity is large, energy saving effect is significant.

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