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8 Different Types of Dryers in the Chemical Industry

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8 Different Types of Dryers in the Chemical Industry

In chemical engineering, drying is a critical step. The material being dried and the intended result will determine the type of dryer that is utilized. There are several different dryers available, and each has benefits and drawbacks of its own.

It's crucial to comprehend the various dryer types offered in order to select the ideal dryer for a certain purpose.

The most popular drying equipment types, their modes of operation, and the best uses for them in the chemical industry will all be covered in this article.

Industrial Chemical Dryers

The following are the typical dryer types used in the chemical industry to dry solids, liquids, and gases:

1. Belt dryer

The two heated chambers of a belt dryer's construction are traversed by a belt. Placed on the belt, the material needs to be dried while the water is drawn out of it with hot air.

2. A freeze-dryer

An industrial dryer called a freeze dryer, commonly referred to as a lyophilizer, is used to evaporate water from frozen materials. First, the material is frozen, and then it is put into a vacuum chamber to begin the freeze-drying process.

When a powerful vacuum is used, the ice sublimes, or transforms from a solid directly into a gas. Afterwards, you're left with solid, drier-than-before-it-froze stuff.

In the food business, this kind of industrial dryer is frequently used to dry produce like fruits and vegetables. It can also be used to preserve some foods.

Compared to other drying techniques like heat drying, freeze drying is frequently thought of as a gentler process.

3. Kiln dryer

A kiln drier is a sizable oven that evaporates water from a substance. The material is heated in the dryer until the water has evaporated, and then hot air from the oven is expelled.

As a result, the water condenses on the oven walls and drips into a collection dish below. Wood, paper, and plastic are just a few of the materials that can be dried with a kiln-dryer.

4. A microwave dryer

Industrial-strength dryers known as microwave vacuum dryers may swiftly and effectively remove moisture from a range of objects or substances.

The device employs microwaves to produce a stream of heated air that swiftly evaporates the water, leaving the object or substance dry.

For companies that need to dry their products rapidly and completely, the microwave vacuum drier is a popular option.

The device has the capacity to process huge quantities of material at once and generates little heat or steam as waste.

Furthermore, the likelihood of the product being ruined by uneven drying is low because microwaves equally penetrate the object or substance.

5. Spray dryer

When removing water or other solvents from a material quickly and effectively, an industrial dryer called a spray dryer is utilized.

A fine mist of solvent is then sprayed over the substance after it has been driven past by the hot air. The substance becomes a powder once the solvent swiftly evaporates.

6. The tray dryer

An industrial dryer is a tray dryer. It consists of a metal cage that is rectangular and has an outlet and intake at the opposite ends.

The enclosure contains metal trays on which the item to be dried is placed. Air is then forced through the trays from one end to the other, drying the material.

A tray dryer has the benefit of being more versatile than other industrial dryers because it can process a wide range of materials, both solid and liquid. The drawback is that the material takes longer to dry than with some other industrial dryer kinds.

7.Tunnel dryer

Among industrial dryers, a tunnel dryer is one. Products like pasta, pet food, ceramics, and medicines are among the things that are dried using this method.

A heated tunnel is used to eliminate moisture from the product as it is being passed through it. Products that require gradual drying to avoid breaking are frequently utilized in this sort of dryer.

8. A vacuum dryer

An industrial dryer used to dry items using a vacuum is called a dryer. The substance is heated until the water vaporizes in order for the process to work.

A vacuum is used to extract the remaining vapor from the substance, which lowers its relative humidity.

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