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Commercial fruit dryers

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Commercial fruit dryers

The belt-style commercial fruit dryer is a piece of drying equipment that transports items for continuous drying on a conveyor belt made of steel mesh. The conveyor belt is most effective for drying regular or irregular lumps (such as fruits, vegetables, coal lumps, etc.) since it is shaped like a mesh. This device is compatible with various tools. Naturally, you can also use it by yourself. Our fruit drying equipment is perfect for drying fruits and vegetables because of its special qualities.

Application scope of commercial fruit dryer machine

Our fruit and vegetable dryer has a wide range of applications: dried fruit, fruit, dried fruit, mangosteen, mango, kiwi, jujube, pear, peach, candied date, banana, lemon, apple, persimmon, grape, papaya, plum, Mulberries, walnuts, nuts, longan, figs, pine nuts, peanuts, preserved fruits, chestnuts, betel nuts, pineapples, grass fruits, lychees, pistachios, lotus seeds, strawberries, hazelnuts, almonds, etc. The dryer can dry a variety of fruits, vegetables, and medical items.

Features of fruit and vegetable dryer performance

Low cost, quick drying, and high evaporation intensity.

High output, high output efficiency, and high product quality.

The number of segments in standardized production can be increased in accordance with the output.

Adjustable parameters include air volume, heating temperature, material residence time, and feeding rate.

The setup of the equipment is adaptable. It can also make use of the systems for chilling materials and washing mesh belts.

energy conservation and air recycling.

The innovative air distribution system maintains consistency in product quality and improves hot air distribution.

How does a fruit dryer work?

A batch, continuous production drier is the commercial fruit dryer machine. Electric, steam, and biomass heating are three of its primary heating techniques. Spreading the material over the mesh belt uniformly is the key idea. In order to move back and forth in the dryer, the transmission device drags a steel mesh belt with a 12-60 mesh that is built of 12 gauge. The materials are moved by the heated air. In order to fulfill the goal of drying, water vapor is also released through the moisture drainage pores. Standard segments make up the box's whole length. The dryer can be built as a multi-layered construction if you wish to conserve space. Common ones include two rooms and three floors, two rooms and five floors, with a length of 6-40m and an effective width of 0.6-3.0m.

Where can I purchase a fruit dryer?

Commercial fruit dryers are for sale at Lantai. Many consumers believe that they trust businesses and factories in their native country more when making significant purchases of machines. You don't have to limit yourself to purchasing equipment close to your home, though, given the globalization of the economy nowadays. We can all chose as long as the belt-type industrial fruit drying machine is reasonably priced and of great quality. There are numerous possibilities available to you because the world is so vast. Please feel free to get in touch with us if you require this machine.

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