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Basic knowledge of Fruit Dryer Machine

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Basic knowledge of Fruit Dryer Machine


Fruit Dryer Machine for Industry utilizes an internal drying system, an external drying system, a manual adjustment function, and an automatic temperature and humidity management system to absorb heat from the outside air and then transfer the enhanced temperature of the chamber to the materials. A fruit dryer machine, commonly referred to as a heat pump drying machine, dries fruits. It operates according to the inverse Carnot Principle, which draws heat from the air around it and transfers it four times as hotly in the direction of the drying chamber, enabling materials to dry effectively and fast.

The fruit and vegetable sectors are perfect candidates for a fruit dryer machine. Examples include heat curing, dry dehydration, dehydrated vegetables, dried fruits, dried peppers, and dried microorganisms. It is possible to have processed materials that are sliced, pasty, powdered, or granulated.

Fruit Dryer Machine's main characteristics include:

The use of high-quality stainless steel, which is hygienic and hygienic; The ability to uniformly control the wind speed, which enables materials to dry more quickly; The use of two units on either side of the machine's interior wall.

A thermal insulating layer inside the machine enhances the drying effect. Heat sources include electricity, steam, and steam and electricity infrared. An automatic control system or a computer control system are also options.

A hot air circulation drying system can speed up the process of drying food whether you want to heat the space with steam or electricity.

Depending on what you're cooking, temperature control lets you change the hot air's temperature in a variety of ways.

The drying efficiency is significantly increased by using a 360° cycle with a maximum temperature of 80°C. The multi-layer tray has a large capacity and a golden ratio that can be modified at will, making it simple to operate.

Fully uniform drying produces a higher impact, uses less energy, and is more effective. No need to check the time with a 24-hour intelligent timer; total peace of mind.

Advantages of Fruit Dryer Machine:

Depending on the ingredients, set a timer for 4-6 hours of baking for each batch.

A wide variety of uses that are suitable for foods including fruits, vegetables, and other things.

You may adjust the temperature, and there is no noise.

Due of the forced ventilation effect, it has an adjustable wind board.

Fruit Dryer Machine employs only stainless steel (food grade) as the hot air circulating inside the oven requires very little energy and creates a lot of heat.

Internal and exterior welding in all forms

A wide range of uses, such as the ability to dry a range of fruits and vegetables.Due to the oven's remarkable thermal efficiency and energy savings, the bulk of the hot air is circulated.

It is recommended to employ adjustable air separation plates and better ventilation.  Automated temperature control system in Fruit Dryer Machine, ensuring uniform drying of the material. The accessories for the oven are made to be simple to install and remove.

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