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How Do We Wisely Choose Industrial Microwave?

Views: 252     Author: Wendy     Publish Time: 2023-05-25      Origin: Site


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How Do We Wisely Choose Industrial Microwave?


The capital cost of industrial microwave drying machine is normally higher than traditional drying machine. Even microwave is produced from an electrical power source, with up to 94% conversion efficiency from electricity to microwave energy. Also, in some countries and areas, the cost of electricity is higher than gas or coal energy. Therefore, if we would dry low-value material with high moisture content, we really should think about our budget, electricity consumption and the final products value. Apart from the machine, we also need provide a better cooling environment for magnetrons so running cooling water or cooling air would be necessary. And cooling water has a better cooling result than air cooling. Therefore, we may need install a big volume water tank or water cooling machine as auxiliary equipment. Industrial microwave heating process does not suit for very project and product. We need understand the drawback of industrial microwave machine.


The industrial microwave drying/heating could obtain better quality products with a faster process. But in some fields, we need combine microwave with other drying solution to achieve a better drying result. For example, for drying some fruit or vegetable, microwave vacuum drying is an emerging technology to perfect dry and perverse fruit original shape and color. Because in the vacuum condition, the low drying temperature heat the material gentle without oxygen treat for the product as well as dry products with a better flavor and minimize products nutrition losses. If high microwave heating directly works on the products, high sugar parts of fruit may cause burnt. So, it’s not a good idea to dry slice fruit or vegetable under a simple microwave radiation. In other applications, we may combine hot air, IR with microwave energy to process high water content products which can reduce the power consumption and minimize the drying time.


We must fully understand the microwave machine advantage then we could properly take advantage of it. Firstly, what’s the difference between microwave machine and conventional drying method, microwave penetrate into much greater depths which means the temperature inside of product is higher than outside so it forms a higher partial pressure that drives the evaporating water to the surfaces. Consequently, the inside of product could be properly heated with low thermal conductivity. Traditional dryer need employ high thermal energy gradually heat the core part of products, and drying methods approach material from the surface, applying heat only to the outside edges. Because volume heating does not reply on heat transfer by conduction or convection, it is possible to use microwave heating for applications where conventional heat transfer is inadequate.

1. Small machine footprint and simple control panel

2. Minimize machine running times with non-contact drying solution

3. It's a totally environmentally friendly machine which avoids combustible gaseous by-products, eliminating the need for environmental permits and improving working conditions.

4.As we could short the process time, microwave heated edible food retain a higher percentage of flavors and nutrients.

5. The machine is more controlled by reduce or add more magnetrons power

6. In the food industry, where microwave processes not only remove the water but also prove to sterilization or pasteurization, baking, roasting and cooking etc.

7. Microwave machine reduce burner and boiler equipment, use high power densities to increase products rates.

8. If we need an extremely lower moisture content product (under 8% moisture content), microwave would be economic drying solution to apply.

Industrial microwave is gradually considered as a viable drying solution due to strict environment policy and time saving. In some fields, traditional drying solution either not able to meet with drying result or take a long time to process. But the unique microwave heating method would be highly efficiently to process products. We would like you to bring products to our factory for a test, and we would find out whether microwave heating make sense or not. 

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