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Some suggestions for microwave dryer selection

Views: 202     Author: Wendy     Publish Time: 2023-04-21      Origin: Site


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Some suggestions for microwave dryer selection

Microwave dryer structure and materials

1. The production of equipment is made from the profile of the overall main body, beautiful and generous.

2. The equipment produced by Qixian Microwave Company is made of all stainless steel materials.

3. The inlet and outlet is equipped with a sealing device and a device to prevent microwave leakage to ensure the safety of operators and do not waste raw materials.

4. Innovative swab device, effectively clean the damage of the oil pollution caused by the material to the conveyor belt.

5. The unique outlet design can effectively separate dry products and sundries, reduce the complexity of the next process and the labor intensity of personnel, and save human resources.

6. Scientific chamber structure is conducive to the processing of microwave emission, ensure and energy saving and consumption reduction.

—— Reasonable structure to the real material material is the only guarantee of equipment quality

Core device aspects of the microwave dryer

The central device of the equipment is the microwave system, the equipment of Qixie microwave company in this aspect is very different from other manufacturers, more use the configuration of the household microwave oven (who can open the household furnace to do a comparison), we choose the industrial configuration and devices.

—— Different configurations produce different effects

From the aspect of the cooling mode

When the microwave dryer works, the magnetron and its transformer will produce high temperature. To ensure its normal operation and life, it is necessary to effectively cool and cool these devices.

In terms of equipment price

To sum up, it is not hard to understand the price difference. Some equipment manufacturers are used in this kind of business strategy- - - -low configuration, low price to do. Who knows that the equipment is practical. So buy equipment to pay attention to the cost performance, and not simply than the price, even if the price of the same configuration, the same performance, the same quality of products than its price.

—— Different quality and different prices, and the price is not the standard.

Energy consumption and efficiency aspects

The energy consumption of microwave dryer is related to many factors, such as the production rate, power supply quality, processing quantity and so on. The same equipment processing different yield of the same material output per unit of time is different, have processing experience know, yellow worm, for example, the production rate between 2.5~3:1, most is about 2.7:1, that is to say, two and a half to three jins live a catty dry, most is two catties about two live out a catty dry, in other words, each drying a catty dry worms will put a catty and a half to two pounds into steam drain, just think the water into steam out How much energy is needed, not to mention drying the same amount of physiological water and free water distributed in the insect body and cells into steam and passes through the cuticle of the epidermis. Some equipment manufacturers tell users about the production of equipment, which is actually an unrealistic misleading.

—— The data for practice are real

Continuous work

A qualified microwave dryer, can run continuously for a long time is the very least requirement, which industry is no exception, but I have met let us help improve the equipment, according to the customer his equipment from before and after 11 to work, the worst boot one or two hours will be down to let the equipment to rest, otherwise the machine will automatically protect and stop working.

—— Can meet their own needs is the most suitable for you.

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