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Familiarity With Vacuum Freeze Dryer

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Familiarity With Vacuum Freeze Dryer

Read this vacuum freeze dryer review before making a purchase if you're considering one. After using our freezer dryer for a whole year to preserve a variety of foods, I'm offering my honest opinion of it.

What Exactly Is a Freeze Dryer?

99% of the moisture from the food is removed using freeze-dryers, which use vacuums and extremely low temperatures (-40° F). As a result, food can now be stored for 20–25 years.

They do rank among the more expensive methods of food storage, yes. If you're seeking my recommended budget-friendly preservation tools, check out this page.It's crucial to understand how freeze-drying differs from dehydrating. If you're unaware of the distinctions between dehydrated and freeze-dried food or what foods cannot be freeze-dried, read these posts.Check out the following freeze-dried recipes and instructions if you'd like to see some of the things we've dehydrated:

1. Freeze-dried milk

2. Strawberry-Freeze-Dried Fruit

3. Frozen Eggs

4. Homemade Chicken Pot Pie in Freeze-Dried Form

5. Frozen Potatoes

6. Frozen Corn

7. Berries that freeze-dried

Review Of My Vacuum Freeze Dryer

My vacuum freezer dryer has been in my possession for almost a year. I was recently asked by a friend if I still have the same level of enthusiasm for it. Actually, I'm even more thrilled now, and as soon as we finished talking, I ran out and bought a second one!I'll be honest; when the freezer dryer first came out, I wasn't all that enthused. It seemed a little excessive to me. Is it truly required since people have preserved food without it for thousands of years?

To be really honest, Harvest Right got in touch with us a year ago and offered to give us a freeze dryer in exchange for some videos on how to use it. We agreed, but we also let them know that any films we made would be our frank assessments of the merchandise, whether favorable or not.Freeze Dryer "Pros"As I previously stated, when I first received our freezer dryer, I had a lot of doubts. Fruit was the first thing I attempted to freeze dry, and the quality and flavor of the fruit just blew me away.

Frozen-Dried Fruit

It altered my entire approach to food preservation for fruit because I no longer needed to add sugar to prolong its shelf life.Yes, you can get frozen fruit, jams and jellies, delicious fruit leather, and dehydrated fruit. The only one of those that works really well without sugar is the frozen fruit.However, it takes a lot of time and costly freezer space to freeze fruit.

Frozen-Dried Foods

The freeze-drying of full meals was another application where it truly shined.By cooking a double batch of dinner and putting the leftovers directly on the freezer dryer trays, I could just press a few buttons and have meals ready to go whenever we wanted them.


The harvest from the garden is so much simpler now that we have a freezer dryer. I'll never again waste an onion by not using it up before it spoils. It's very simple and quick to chop up lots of onions and place them on a freezer tray! The freezer dryer then completes the task.

Freeze Dryer "Cons" Price

Many households find home freezer dryers to be prohibitively expensive. There are numerous additional preservation techniques that are significantly more economical if a freeze dryer is out of your price range.


Food batches typically take 24–36 hours to dry in freezer dryers. If you freeze your food in advance, this can be greatly reduced. But before buying a unit, it's important to consider


The "quiet" motor we purchased for our equipment is nevertheless extremely loud, as you can hear in the video. If I had to freeze-dry in my kitchen, I'm not sure if I'd be satisfied with it.However, it's preferable if you have a room or basement with a door where the noise won't annoy you.


Our freezer dryer is comparable in size to a compact washing machine. This device is simply too big to fit in many households' available storage spaces.A detached garage or outbuilding isn't ideal because you'll need to check on your freezer dryer throughout each cycle, and you'll also want it close by.

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