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Systems for Heating Microwaves

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Systems for Heating Microwaves

Lantai Microwave has been a pioneer in supplying technologically cutting-edge solutions to industry titans; our knowledge and dedication make us the customer's first option. Since the previous 40 years, we have been developing new heating, drying, and cooling technologies. We provide a variety of electromagnetic heating options that are used in numerous industrial plants and processes. The USP of Kerone's microwave-based solutions is that they are specifically created to produce the desired results only after carefully considering the client's process requirements. The heating system is always made of high-quality materials and is created after all calculations are verified in our lab. This results in high efficiency. LANTAI Microwave provides a variety of microwave heating solutions that are especially suited to the process needs of the client. The following benefits of microwave-based heating systems are now well known and valued by industry leaders:

1.Faster Processing

2.Quick and even heating

3.Selected Drying/Heating

4. Utilizing Large-Sized Feedstocks Directly

5.Improved Production Standards

6.New Products and Materials

7.Energy effectiveness

8.General Cost Efficiency and Savings

9. Better Process Control 

10. Reduced energy use

11. Clean and without any gas or residue emissions

12. Easily manageable

13. Economical Processing 

14. Compact in Size

Electromagnetic waves with frequencies ranging from 300 MHz to 300 GHz are known as microwaves. Similar to how light waves behave when they are reflected by metallic objects, absorbed by dielectric materials, or transmitted through glass, they share these characteristics with these materials. Typical microwave frequencies for general-purpose (home) ovens are 2450 MHz and 915 MHz, respectively. Ionic interaction and dipolar rotation are the two main mechanisms by which microwave energy is absorbed by the material. Electromagnetic heating methods like microwave (MW) and radiofrequency (RF) heating are used in numerous industrial processes like reheating, precooking, baking, drying, pasteurization, disinfestation, and sterilization. LANTAI MICROWAVE provides microwave-based heating solutions for a range of applications, and the equipment's design changes depending on the use. We provide for all kinds of needs, including:

Lab Scale:

Meeting the demand for pilot plants, small-scale studies, and laboratories, LANTAI MICROWAVE designed and created a variety of small-scale, electromagnetic emission-based heating systems that use less energy and produce less heat. These devices have customized energy and power controls and are comparable to residential microwave heating systems. The following are typical uses for lab-scale equipment:

1.Conducting laboratory experiments

2.Small-Scale Manufacturing

3.Chemical processing, third


5.Processing at High Temperatures

Industrial Batch Scale:

Heating and drying have been crucial steps in nearly every industrial processing field. The microwave batch oven is designed with a door that is suitable for loading and unloading trays of material that has to be dried or pre-heated. It is constructed using a wide variety of containers in all shapes and sizes, depending on the use. It is cemented with both fundamental functionality and great solidity. Utilizing microwave cluster stoves allows for uniform heating throughout. In a wide range of heating and drying applications, batch systems are employed. Numerous applications, ranging from small lab-scale microwave ovens to large chamber ovens, have been deployed successfully. The following are typical uses for batch-type equipment:

1.Tray Heating/Drying

2.Drum drying and heating

3.Rotary Heating/Drying

Industrial Continuous Scale:

The most important factor in any industrial processing system is the cost of time and personnel. Continuous microwave systems generate more with fewer resources. Continuous microwave has proven to be superior to other types of microwave heating systems for the majority of applications. The following are typical uses for batch-type equipment:

1. Conveyerized Heating and Drying

2.Style and Infestation Control

3.Medical Systems

4.Line Manufacturing and Processing Facility

5.Dehydrating Substances

6.Dairy Items

7.Food Items

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