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How Does Microwave Drying Work In The Food Industry?

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How Does Microwave Drying Work In The Food Industry?

Utilizing electromagnetic waves as the heating source and the dried material itself as the heating body, microwave drying causes the material's internal moisture to evaporate and produces the drying effect.Because of its automatic mode, simplicity of use, high efficiency, uniform drying, etc., microwave drying is becoming more and more significant in a variety of drying applications. Foreign nations have been studying the microwave drying technique since the 1960s.How does microwave drying actually function now that China's technology has advanced sufficiently to become mature and gradually utilized in a number of industries? What is the operating principle?

What Is Microwave Drying, And How Might It Be Used In The Food Sector?

Utilizing electromagnetic waves as the heating source and the dried material itself as the heating body, microwave drying causes the material's internal moisture to evaporate and produces the drying effect. Microwave drying equipment is more suitable for automatic production and business management since it requires fewer supporting facilities, uses less space, is simple to use, and can run continuously.

In contrast to conventional drying, which results in hard shells and crusts because the outer layer of the material dries first, microwave drying turns the heated object into the heat source and dries the material from the inside out, preserving more of the material's original properties. Microwave dryers heat up quickly and uniformly, which significantly improves the efficiency of heat transfer and the drying rate.

Microwave Drying Benefits

1.Microwave drying improves moisture migration conditions in the drying process greatly over conventional drying because the temperature gradient, heat transfer, and vapor pressure migration direction are consistent.

2.Low-Temperature Drying has the property of drying from the inside out due to the presence of pressure migration power. The inner layer of the material is dried first, overcoming the disadvantage of conventional drying, where a hard, crusty coating forms. The material is first dried externally to prevent interior moisture from escaping.

3.The speed of microwave drying equipment may be enhanced by more than several times, considerably boosting production efficiency; the energy consumption of microwave dryer machines is decreased by more than 50% when compared to traditional drying methods such as hot air, steam, and electric heating.

4. No matter how the material is shaped, employing microwave drying allows heat to permeate evenly and create a puffing action that is helpful for crushing.

5.Microwave drying technology preserves the dried material's color, flavor, scent, and tissue structure without causing the active substances to break down and disappear.

6.The microwave drying process uses a lot of energy. The moist material itself generates the microwave heat, resulting in minimal heat loss, high thermal efficiency, and zero noise or environmental pollution.

A more important step in the first processing of tea is tea drying, which primarily involves the heat evaporation of tea moisture to create the distinct sensory quality and stable quality traits of tea.In order to prevent significant color changes during the subsequent drying process, the Tea Microwave Dryer uses a rapid temperature rise to blunt the active oxidation enzymes of fresh leaves, inhibit the accelerated oxidation of tea polyphenols and other enzymes in fresh leaves, and at the same time volatilize the fishy herbal taste of fresh leaves so that the tea fragrance can be better formed.

The Tea Microwave Drying Machine's Functions Include Drying, Sterilizing And Killing Tea Leaves.

The aim of microwave drying tea is to manage the water content of the tea leaves to within 13% while also enhancing the quality and color of the tea leaves by using high temperatures to stop enzyme activity.A microwave drying device is a tea dryer. The electromagnetic waves from this microwave generator are sent to the tea leaves. As it permeates the tea leaves' interior, it causes the water and other polar molecules to rotate at the same time, at a pace of billions of times per second.The interior temperature of the substance is higher than its surface temperature, which causes the enzyme to lose its viability and causes some water molecules to evaporate, killing and drying the material.

Short processing times, high greening and drying efficiency, preservation of the original nutrients and flavor, including color, aroma, taste, and shape, improvement of tea quality, automatic production process control, energy savings, uniform sterilization, ease of control, and simplicity of operation are all benefits of tea microwave drying equipment.Additionally, microwave technology for drying and sterilizing pharmaceuticals is advancing quickly because of advancements in microwave vacuum, microwave vacuum freezing sublimation technology, and efforts to promote microwave in the pharmaceutical processing sector.Actually, pharmaceutical microwave drying uses medium and induction heating. Chinese herbal medicines contain moisture and fat, which, to varying degrees, absorb microwave radiation and convert it into heat for the purpose of drying.

The use of microwave drying technology in medicine can eliminate bacteria and mold, have the effect of disinfecting the herbs to ensure they satisfy health standards, and keep insects and mold from growing on the herbs during storage. The two frequencies used in Chinese microwave heating equipment are 915 MHz and 2450 MHz.The introduction to the microwave dryer machine and the fundamentals of the use of microwave drying technology are provided above. This demonstrates the widespread usage of microwave drying technology nowadays, which enhances product quality by preserving more nutrients from the original product.

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